Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Power of Sleep

  Have you ever wonder when you’re lack of sleep you feel like your down, depressed or craving foods?

Sleep is one of our physiologic needs; it is a universal biological process common to all people. It is considered an altered state of consciousness in which the individual’s perception of a reaction to the environment is decreased. Sleep enhances anabolic state, especially the growth and rejuvenation of the immune, nervous, skeletal and muscular systems. Our body needs at least an eight hours of sleep to gain back all the energy we need.

Here are some health wellness tips to have a full sleep at night;

Live longer and Healthier – lack of sleep are in high level of stress hormones and an increase in inflammation, both which can decrease immune function which our body is more prone to viruses and bacteria which cause diseases like colds, cough and flu. Sleep deprivation has a physiological effect to our body that causes headaches, hallucinations, memory lapses or loss, slowed word recall, irritability, dizziness and nausea, dry mouth, aching muscles, hand tremors, increased risk of diabetes, increased risk of fibromyalgia, and increased blood pressure. Blood pressure & heart rate are normally their lowest rate during sleep; people who have few hours of sleep tend to have higher blood pressure. Thus, the relation between hypertension and sleep duration could explain other diseases findings related to lack of sleep. So simply stated, people who sleeps well live longer. So sleep early and it may help you stay active and vital to ripe old age.

Look Good, Feel Good – people who lack of sleep may not only experience more physical ailments, but also physical appearance. It makes us ugly and terrible, eye bags, dark circles, dull skin. Our growth hormones are responsible for our skin too, it rejuvenates, give us a fresh glowing and radiant skin thus a result a beautiful being. Let’s keep those hormones high as possible and spice up your love life.

Be Happy, Less Stress – sleep deprivation can cause depression that can lead to insomnia. Personal problems can affect in our sleeping pattern and thinking too much to your problem can’t help you sleep. Before going to bed, why don’t you write down in a piece of paper your entire problems or talk some of friends the things that are bothering you. In this way it you can express your feelings and concerns which can help you lessen your burden. Thus, you can have a better sleep the whole night.

Memory Gap – our brain do a lot of work in our system, if a person has a sleep deprivation, thus the concentration, problem-solving skills, memory, mood and moral judgement are affected. Our brain needs to rest also to gain back its normal function especially in our cognitive performance. Our body required at least eight hour of sleep to maintain the normal balance of our body and to avoid complications.

Lose a few pounds – sleep deprivation can cause obesity that leads to diabetes, it slows down your body metabolism, and thus it increases your appetite by craving sweets or high in content in sugar. So if you to maintain your figure and don’t want to gain weight, then sleep on time.

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Elpi said...

Very interesting post! People should be aware and be conscious on their health. Prevention is better than cure. :)